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Quality since 1993


about us

Your cloth weaving mill


Since 1993 I am known with the Tuchweberey as your competent contact for cloths and fabrics made of natural fibers (wool, linen, wool / silk, wool / hemp, wool / linen, cotton) woven and equipped in Germany.

Sewing enthusiasts will find fabrics on the following topics:


  • Celts

  • Vikings

  • Alemanni

  • Romans

  • middle Ages

  • Reenactment

  • Larp

  • Military

  • Häs / Carnival


I work with theaters, schools, museums, churches and associations in order to implement their ideas from and with all kinds of materials. Decorations on request.

Fabrics made of synthetic fibers are also in stock for decorations and art projects.


You can find me in the heart of the old cloth-making town of Horb am Neckar, known for the Horber cloth since the Middle Ages.

You can purchase the fabrics in the warehouse in 72160 Horb aN (Baden Württemberg) or at numerous markets in Germany and Austria, see market dates.

I bring a loom with me to markets for demonstration purposes and children can learn the craft of weaving.

If your way to me is too far, you are welcome to request up to 6 fabric samples (handle samples) after a detailed description of your project according to color, quality requirements, material and stating your postal address.

I do not have an online shop with all the approx. 2000 fabrics in stock, but you can get an overview of a small part of the range under fabrics in stock. Colors, feel and weight cannot be adequately represented online.

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